Migraines can greatly affect our lifestyle. A day can drastically change once a migraine hits, making you wish Odessa MO migraine relief is readily available. Furthermore, it affects our daily routine. The good news is there is a method of conquering these episodes and making sure it’s kept at bay. To do this, we’ll need to understand what are the causes and how we can avoid the triggers. 


Keeping a Migraine Journal

Tracking your migraine episodes can help figure out what the causes are and how you can avoid migraine triggers. You can track them by keeping a journal and listing the activities or food that triggered an episode. Doctors recommend this practice as they can help in better understanding what lies beneath those episodes so that you can achieve Odessa MO migraine relief.

Another advantage of having a journal is helping you be mindful of what’s happening with your body. This can also help you meditate and relieve stress caused by your painful headache and migraine symptoms. You can also share your journal with your family and make them involved in your healing process. It will be easier if you are not alone in your journey. 

As you start your journal, you might be wondering what are the things that you should write down on the get go. These are the things that you should watch out for and list in your journal.

  • Stress level
  • Medication
  • Daily habits
  • Weather

Stress Level

Stress is one of the biggest triggers of a migraine. Sadly, it can be found in many areas of our lives, such as our workplace, a crowded area, or even during your quiet time at home. Write down in your journal your stress level in every significant situation, so you can be mindful the next time the same scenario happens.


Taking medication might help relieve the pain, but if it’s used almost five times a week, it would have a counter effect on our body. Because of the frequency, our body will increase medication tolerance. Thus, if you are still having a migraine after taking a pain pill, it may be best to take a step back from taking it to get Odessa MO migraine relief.

Daily Habits

Our lifestyle is also another major trigger of a migraine. Lack of sleep, too much alcohol intake, poor diet — all can contribute to your migraine episode. You might want to list this one by one in your journal as to what type of activity has caused an attack. 


Too cold or too hot? Changes in the weather is a natural cause of an episode. In your journal entry, try to include the weather of the day and how it affects you. 

As you go along with your journal entries, you would notice the things that are causing the episodes that you were unaware of before. Use these data to overcome the triggers and make sure you have control over your migraine attacks. 


Other Ways to Get Odessa MO Migraine Relief

Manage your stress

There are ways of managing stress that can help you release happy hormones that prevent migraines. 

  • Have an intense exercise. A quick high-intensity workout can help in preventing an episode. According to the American Migraine Foundation, regular exercise can help regulate and reduce the intensity of a migraine. 
  • Identify your stress triggers at home or work and try to avoid them through meditation. 

Ditch the pills

If your pills are not working anymore, try to step back and rethink your choices. You can try more holistic ways to get Odessa MO migraine relief.

Sleep well, eat well

We are what we eat. Food can be one of the culprits of your migraine episodes. You might want to try eliminating certain food in your diet or the migraine diet to see if there’s any improvement. You will also need to have enough sleep at night to keep those migraine symptoms at bay. 

Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!

Water is life! Try to drink as much water as you can. Drink plenty of fluids as a headache can be a sign of dehydration. Your body could be telling you that you are not getting enough fluid. 

Weather forecast is your friend!

If you noticed weather as one of the triggers, you could plan your activities with your friendly weatherman’s help. Make sure you have appropriate activities set on a sunny day, and bring along your water! If it’s cold, try to have indoor activities instead. 

Check your neck!

You might be wondering why you suddenly feel stress on your neck. You might think you only slept on the wrong side of the bed, but this could be an underlying migraine episode. Neck pain can actually be a symptom that you need to watch out. You can check with your chiropractor to align your neck and finally get Odessa MO migraine relief.


Migraine Relief That is Natural and Long Lasting

Upper cervical chiropractic is a great natural way for you to eliminate migraines and their accompanying symptoms. Once you determine that your migraine may be related to your neck pain, a chiropractor can align your neck.

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