Experiencing vertigo is nothing short of painful. But, honestly speaking, this symptom goes beyond the fortress of pain and lands into a whole different threshold of torture.

If you do not know what vertigo feels like, try to imagine this scenario: You spend a whole hour on a death-defying roller coaster. Once you get off the ride, you are forced to walk a straight line. Walking straight after such a ride is an impossible task since you have not regained your usual balance. And seeing the whole world spin while getting an urge to lie down and vomit does not make the experience any easier.

Many patients with vertigo constantly look for ways to manage it and reduce the dizziness that comes with it. They’ve tried countless medications. However, not everyone wants to rely on medication forever, leaving many to look for alternative ways.

As an Odessa vertigo relief clinic, we want to help you and millions of others to overcome vertigo. That said, here are five natural methods to break free from vertigo:

#1. Release your stress

Stress is a leading reason for a myriad of mental and physical problems. And although we do our best to dodge the stresses of life, sometimes we still end up lost in a pile of problems and pressure. So the only thing we can do is learn how to handle and let go of stress when it gets too much. 

Practicing ways to relieve stress is also an excellent way to take care of vertigo. As you know, stress can induce headaches and vertigo. So, releasing stress can help release vertigo’s grasp on you. 

With this in mind, here are different ways that you can de-stress:

  • Explore your hobbies and interests

Engaging in things that pique your interest is always exciting and stress relieving. In addition, many hobbies cost next to nothing. For example, if you like patterns and organizing, perhaps arranging your pantry or tidying up your closet can be a fun and relaxing activity for you.

  • Get a massage

Getting massages does relieve the tension from your muscles and expels the stress you feel. Massage dates are something you can do with a loving partner or even with your friends.


#2. Commit to Lifestyle Changes

Often, our bad habits lead to challenging experiences, including the development of vertigo. Many people who come to our Odessa vertigo relief clinic had to learn things the hard way. Fortunately, there is always time for you to decide and commit to lifestyle changes that can wholly improve your life for the better.

For example, if you have Meniere’s or any other condition that causes vertigo attacks, these lifestyle changes can potentially put your suffering to an end:

  • Rehydrate regularly

Most individuals overlook the importance of drinking water. Whether you admit it or not, when you miss a few glasses of water every day, you think nothing of the possible consequences. Did you know that dehydration can result in inner ear issues causing vertigo attacks? If that is the case with you, perhaps increasing your water intake can reverse the effects of spinning.

  • Stop smoking

Similar to dehydration, smoking can also affect your inner ear, leading to vertigo. Tobacco and dehydration can impact other parts of the body, not just the lungs and throat. The body functions as a whole, so one trigger can also affect another part. 

  • Avoid alcohol

Drinking alcohol regularly and in excess can drastically affect your health. Aside from liver problems and increasing accidental risks, it also adds to the chances of developing conditions that lead to vertigo– Meniere’s and migraines, to name a couple.


#3. Stick to Dietary Changes

In many cases, doctors would recommend dietary changes upon diagnosis of a health condition. For example, if you have vertigo-inducing Meniere’s disease, your doctor would ask you to stick to these changes in your diet:

  • Avoid salty food

Salty food can affect the way our bodies retain and absorb water– which is why you might feel bloated after eating salty potato chips. A specific area that it can affect is the inner ear. Meniere’s stem from an abnormal amount of fluid in the inner ear. So if you limit your salt intake, you can help the body regulate the internal ear fluid levels. In turn, a healthy amount would also restrict the instances of your vertigo spells.

  • Avoid allergens

It’s a no-brainer that you should stay away from foods and things that you’re allergic to. Unfortunately, allergies are in no way to be disregarded as they can be fatal. Suppose you have a seafood allergy. The next time you see a lobster buffet, run far and fast away– regardless if you have an EpiPen on hand. No amount of good food is worth your health.

  • Reduce caffeine

Caffeine can trigger migraine attacks, which also lists vertigo as a symptom. Therefore, staying away from coffee, tea, chocolate, and energy drinks can help reduce not only Meniere’s symptoms but also those of migraine attacks. This is what we usually advise our patients in our Odessa vertigo relief clinic. 


#4. Get Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care

If you want a secure and natural way to reduce vertigo after only a few short sessions, then you might be happy to learn about upper cervical chiropractic.

In our Odessa vertigo relief clinic, we have cared for several patients complaining of vertigo. Not surprisingly, we found out that the reason for their extreme dizziness is a misaligned neck. 

The connection between the neck and vertigo is undeniable– misalignments in the neck can get in the way of the communication between the brain and body. Your brain might receive scrambled signals from the body and affect how it processes movement and balance (to give you an idea of what could happen during a misalignment). This event may manifest itself as a spinning attack.

Here at Odessa Upper Cervical Chiropractic Center, we can correct your misalignment and help you break free from vertigo. Contact us today, and we’ll fill you in about how you can experience relief from vertigo.


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