Odessa migraine reliefImagine your migraine has come for a visit yet again. It hit you slowly while teasing you with minor flickers of painbefore leaving you in a gut-wrenching ache.

And in no time, you started feeling the staggering attack. The pain almost knocked you off of your feet, and it felt as though you were going blind. You became too sensitive to the light, sound, and smell around youan experience that other people cannot fully understand.  It’s one of those episodes again where you silently and desperately wish for Odessa migraine relief.

This blog aims to shed some light on the most common and debilitating symptoms this invisible disease causes.


Migraine and Light Sensitivity

Light sensitivity is extremely common among migraineurs. This frequently occurs more than any other migraine symptoms, such as vomiting, nausea, and sensitivity to odor and sound. This is almost second to a throbbing headache. Migraineurs can experience too much sensitivity to natural and artificial lights before, during, or after a migraine attack. 

For others, light can act as a migraine trigger. Therefore, many people experience migraine relief in Odessa when they stay in a dimly lit or completely dark room during a migraine attack.


Migraine and Sound Sensitivity 

An extremely loud sound can be too unbearable for a lot of migraine patients; no thanks to their heightened sensitivity during a migraine attack. 

We all get uncomfortable and displeased with extremely loud sounds, but it’s a completely different story for migraine patients. Their sound tolerance is significantly low before, during, and after an attack. In other words, their discomfort or threshold levels associated with sounds are reached quicker. 

Even the sound of a ticking clock or a clacking utensil can set the stage for a worse migraine episode.


Migraine and Odor Sensitivity

Many of us have probably had that “What’s that odor?” moment at some point in our lives. But for migraineurs, the smell may fan the flames of a burning migraine headache. 

Heightened sensitivity to smell is one of the most common symptoms of migraines. It can either cause or worsen one’s suffering. Some of the most common odors or scents that are found to be problematic for migraineurs include:

  • Cigarette smoke
  • Light and strong perfumes
  • Paint
  • Paint thinner
  • Gasoline
  • Bleach and other cleaning products 

Identifying these triggers may help you and your doctor better understand the mystery behind your migraine attacks. One way to discuss this issue better with your physician is by keeping a migraine journal. If you’re wondering how to start writing a migraine journal and what information you should record, this blog may help you.


Ways to Alleviate Migraine Pain Now

Migraine can make your world unpredictable and small. Each of your migraine episodes represents canceled plans, spending days in agony, and using your hard-earned money for emergency room visits. 

This is a neurological disease that can really steal joy, peace, and comfort. However, do not give up on hope.  You just need to take care of yourself and understand how to cope with migraines. Healthy habits and simple remedies may help you in achieving Odessa migraine relief

You can try these effective ways to reduce the severity and frequency of your migraines.

Manage light sensitivity 

We cannot stress enough how important it is to manage light triggers in preventing or relieving migraine attacks. As discussed in the beginning part of this blog, light sensitivity is so common for people living with migraines. Some helpful ways to manage photophobia include:

  • Wearing polarized sunglasses, cap, or hat when going out. These items can provide enough shade for your eyes.
  • Bringing in natural light in your house or room as much as you can. It is because natural light is less of a problem for light-sensitive people.
  • Adjusting the brightness of your gadgets to a more comfortable level
  • Installing dimmers to control the indoor brightness.                   

Manage sound sensitivity 

Do you hate the sound of chewing chips so much that it gives you migraines? Here’s a recommendation to effectively manage sound sensitivity problems for migraineurs. 

  • Keep earbuds or noise-canceling headphones handy. They can help provide ear protection from noises that you cannot avoid. These ear protection items may also help in muffling loud noises when you’re in public. 

Manage odor sensitivity 

Is odor sensitivity your usual migraine trigger and symptom? If yes, these tips for coping with smell sensitivity may help you reduce the frequency and severity of your migraine attacks.

  • Limit the presence of unnecessary scents in your house. You may avoid using scented body products, scented candles or avoid wearing strong perfumes. 
  • If possible, ask for a scent-free environment at your workplace.
  • If you’re cooking before or during a migraine attack, you can open up windows to get rid of the triggering smell and let fresh air in. 


A Natural and Non-invasive Way to Achieve Odessa Migraine Relief

Migraine occurs for a list of various reasons. While some migraine patients are sensitive to light, smell, or odor, others may experience migraines due to a neck and head misalignment. This misalignment can result from an injury or repetitive heavy tasks that involve the neck. 

Odessa Upper Cervical Chiropractic Center relieves migraine sufferers using precise, natural, and gentle chiropractic techniques. We work to correct the underlying issue that causes your debilitating migraine episodes by realigning your C1 and C2 vertebrae.

Your most wished migraine relief may be far-fetched or fanciful. But with us, you’re just an adjustment away from living a pain-free life. 

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