Why Neck Pain Is Frequently Related to Migraines

If neck pain is one of the most common symptoms of migraines, both before and during an attack, it is clear that the two are linked. So why is this an often-overlooked symptom? What is the connection between the neck and the head? We’re about to take a comprehensive look at the structures of the neck and [...]

Keeping a Journal and Upper Cervical Care for Migraine Relief

Migraines can greatly affect our lifestyle. A day can drastically change once a migraine hits, making you wish Odessa MO migraine relief is readily available. Furthermore, it affects our daily routine. The good news is there is a method of conquering these episodes and making sure it’s kept at bay. To do this, we’ll need [...]

5 Natural Remedies for Meniere’s Disease

Meniere’s disease is a debilitating vestibular condition that creates a very specific combination of symptoms. What are the symptoms of Meniere’s disease? We’re going to take a closer look at this syndrome that affects balance and spatial orientation as well as hearing. Then we will consider five natural remedies for Meniere’s disease and vertigo, concluding [...]

Meniere’s Disease Stages and Their Symptoms

Jessie J, the famed singer-songwriter we all know for popular hits like Flashlight and Bang Bang, shared her health struggles recently. In her Instagram post, she shared that she got diagnosed with Meniere’s disease. If you already know a thing or two about the disease or if you also have it, chances are you’re now [...]

The 6 Most Debilitating Migraine Symptoms

Most of the time when migraine symptoms are topic in a discussion, they are listed in order by how common they are. What we are going to look at today are some of the most debilitating migraine symptoms. While the order is subjective, you will no doubt agree that migraines are more than just an [...]

Skin Care vs. Health Care

It’s the “health insurance” time of year again. Maybe you’re hearing about health insurance changes and premium increases from your employer, or maybe you shop for your own health insurance through the marketplace. Regardless, let’s talk about why health insurance isn’t really for health care. It’s for sick care. Yes, there’s a difference. And yes, [...]

A Quick Start Guide to Migraines

Odessa migraine relief is very much possible if people know exactly the cause of their head pains. Having a terrible headache doesn’t mean you’re experiencing a migraine. Just the same, migraines aren’t just bad headaches. These are some misconceptions about migraines. The truth is migraines are a neurological disorder, which means it can have a [...]

Peripheral Vertigo Vs Central Vertigo – What Is the Difference?

Peripheral vertigo is generally caused by problems in the inner ear. Central vertigo is related to a problem in the central nervous system (CNS) that leads to vertigo. Let’s take a closer look at these two types of vertigo as well as a natural remedy that may help both types in certain cases. Read the full [...]

What Helps Vertigo Go Away?

While vertigo relief in Odessa brings joy to patients, many are still unaware of the cause of their vertigo. Vertigo makes you feel as if you or the things around you are whirling or spinning even when there is no movement. The false sensation can be so severe that it forces you to stop and [...]

7 Shocking Facts About Silent Migraines

Silent migraines are difficult to diagnose, but that doesn’t make them any less serious or debilitating. Here are 7 things you should know about silent migraines. We’ll conclude by discussing a natural way that many are breaking away from the grip of migraines. Read the full blog post: 7 Shocking Facts About Silent Migraines

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